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If you want more details on me please take a look at http://dave.spathaky.name. It’s my old place. I’m packing up and moving on soon. New domain, new days. New nights at the circus? Who knows
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This is the Latest Plan
I’m just finishing a book and I have a number of prints of my paper bound artwork. They are connected to clown in a broad sense. Think more shamanic than Coco or Pennywise.
I’m also selling my expertise and experience from 40 odd (very odd) years in the arts we call performing.
This will take the form of;
  • Magical Mike Mentoring - make a time. Ask for help.
  • Custom Complete Acts or Shows all from my store cupboard of bespoken for and stolen materials.
  • Hard Copy Artifacts - The books I mentioned, the brutalist arts on paper.
  • Actual live-in-person workshops, world wide-screen on universal themes. Focus on performance arts. Inclusive, thoughtful and practically useful.
  • I also lecture/demonstrate/workshop/perform. That participatory engagement thingy. I do it. Live.
  • Softcopy newsletter on Clowns&Power etc. sign up coming soon.
If you have comments, ideas, gigs, offers of money, feedback please contact me quick! dave@spathaky.name.
If you want more details on who the hell I am I’m talking like this, as I mentioned, please take a look at http://dave.spathaky.name all kinds of contact details there.
I thank you, thanks you, thank you one and all... <Exits stage left, pursued but still bowing>

PS The web site here will soon have commenting, bells, whistles and sirens soon. Don’t fret for a moment. It’s all in hand. Panic? Me‽ Cripes! NEVER!!!!