The striking images of the riot police in Paris yesterday made me laugh in recognition and deja vue. The uniforms have to be modelled on Star Wars or certainly some kind of sci-fi aesthetic? Crazy wild, funny if it wasn’t scary! The action from the street have the flavour of reruns from 1968, as if someone decided to make an updated version of an old movie.
In 1968 the slogan was that “Under the cobblestone lay the beach". The narrative has changed slightly but the song remains the same. They all look so chic, choreographed and stylish.
The symbolism of the pavement and the beach being clearly in the realms of the transition between our currently, dull mundane world and the warm sands of some utopian imagined warm leisured utopian future. The implication being that all we needed to do was lift the cobbles up, presumably to throw at the figures of authority, and the future of sun, sand and sea, a leisured future was/is ours for the taking.
As my friend living in France said to me last night, “The French do love a nice revolution".
Images via RUPTLY live video stream