I'm in hospital. If this statement strikes terror in your mind, please relax. I'm happy and safe. Pain have I none. I have no illness or terminal condition (except that one we all share called 'life').
Having got the basics out of the way I'll share my project with you. I'm starting a diary. It's a public diary and it will have a collaborative elements. It will work like a discussion except at the end of the day, I’m the boss!
If you like to comment and make suggestions follow the link and I'll give you access to the 'live manuscript where you can comment on the manuscript almost as I write. The working title is ‘The Memoirs Of Madman in West Cork’.

The €50,000 View - 2.11.18
My room is on the front of the building. My window faces south toward the island. A large island and a small island are in the view. There is also a bridge. I’ll come back to the bridge.
The small island was for sale some time ago. The asking price was €50,000. There is a few trees and a few lumps that could be ruined building or some rocks. It was never sold. There is grass and some small trees. In a storm the waves lash over the island.

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