Lots of folk are now tired of the big social networks and specifically Facebook Lots were never impressed much. It seems we nearly all got sucked in. As Tim Bernes-Lee, the inventor of the web, recently said, “There are other social networks". Email is still one of the simplest and best. Keep it simple and you can send a newsletter to friends or clients without suffering adverts or payment. MëWë is an alternative to Facebook and offers chat, groups and ‘friending’ and in function works in a similar way. The people behind it have built it to be easy and created easy ways to transition from Fb. Below is a more detailed guide I cooked up:
Dave’s Guide to Move To MeWe:
Më-Wë is an alternative.
  • A next generation social service.
  • Your images, groups & chat in one place.
  • A ground up simple, secure and transparent system.
  • Try it, transition in stages*, free for always.
  • Extra storage, encryption, etc. Add-ins, at low extra cost.
  • Free from advertising.
Join me on Më-Wë, the new social network service. Tracking & tack free. Still sticky. https://mewe.com/i/dave.spathaky
Please cut and paste a link to share and write something nice next to it;
Interested in clowns and clowning? I’d love you to join in our ClownPower group:
The ClownPower group on MëWë https://mewe.com/join/clownpower.
There is also a Worldwide Clown Training Group on MeWe https://mewe.com/join/clown_training_worldwide.
Share workshops, events and any other information about clown pedagogy. Be nice and respect others are the only rules.
Message me if you want to help admin. Non English speaking admins needed. English speakers welcome too!

*My transition plan: set up your profile and groups.
  • Run in parallel with other channels you use.
  • Whip up some interest.
  • Help people transition.t
  • Watch legacy services wither away.